EVEngine Release 10

We are proud to announce the availability of EVENGINE Standard and Project Control Release 10. This comprises a substantial advance in features, capabilities, reliability and a change in subscription pricing. Some of the highlights of this release include:

Available in both EVENGINE Standard & Project Control Versions:

  • Add EVEngine Schedule Tracker
  • Include Schedule Variance report
  • Add Percent Histograms
  • Add Combined Percent Cumulative S/Percent Histogram
  • Add Variance Percent Histogram
  • Add combined Variance Percent/Variance Percent Histogram
  • Add PWR, EAC(t) and EAC(Date) to reports
  • Allow Resource initials to be used as the resource code when importing a Microsoft Project XML file
  • Add VACI to various reports and graphs
  • Add VAC to Variance Graphs
  • Add average for SPI and SPI(t) to variance graphs
  • Add SP rate to Data Entry from
  • Add status boxes to S-Curves and Histograms
  • Tidy up the EVE workbook
  • Improve date handling
  • Allow for administrators to register EVEngine for all users
  • Many User Interface Improvements
  • Allow report options to be reset to defaults
  • Installer improvements
  • Major reliability improvements and performance improvements
  • Allow Percent or absolute values to be used for Integrated Report and Graph

 Available in EVEngine Project Control:

  • Allow Certificates to be generated using any data field, in lieu of just CA
  • Add Total Project to Integrated Report and Graph, and Integrated Schedule Variance Graph
  • Align Actuals with Industry practices
  • Add an Actuals Editing form
  • Add Milestone field
  • Add SP Variation
  • Allow customisation of Management Reserve text
  • Add project total to Finish date analysis
  • Add Management Reserve Report
  • Add Earned Schedule Indicators to the Schedule IEAC Report
  • Allow reports to exclude Approved Variations
  • Improve the Estimate Import to match how estimates are done in industry
  • Allow IEAC2 to use custom rates

For a full comparison of functionality go to the Compare Features page or take a look at EVEngine Features Overview.

 Revised subscription pricing:

One EVENGINE Standard Yearly Subscription Licence costs $100 (Australian Dollars, excluding GST Tax) . 

One EVENGINE Project Control Yearly Subscription Licence costs $1,000 (Australian Dollars, excluding GST Tax)

Support can be purchased in one-hour blocks at $100 per block (Australian Dollars excluding GST Tax).

Purchases made from outside Australia are not subject to Australian GST Tax..