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The benefits of using EVEngine

Delivers In-depth project, program, portfolio Earned Value and Schedule project control and reporting to best practice guidelines and standards. Supports small to large to mega projects, simple to complex. Provides single source schedule and financial integration reporting.

Releases project staff from the tedium of data preparation and manipulation to utilize their time more effectively to undertake performance analysis, problem solving and developing strategies to maintain the project on-time and within budget. No more confused messages masking real project progress and performance.

Calculate Earned Value without Costs

EVEngine allows you to use Earned Value to track labour expenditure and material usage against that planned and budgeted.

Track Profits

By assigning revenue to tasks you can track profit against planned profit.

Easy Reporting

EVEngine allows you to easily create project status reports to gain an overview of the performance to all levels of your project.

Additionally, EVEngine Project Control gives you more analysis tools and reports to thoroughly examine your project's performance, to find those parts underperforming and work a strategy for recovery.

Microsoft Excel based

EVEngine is a Microsoft Excel based application, allowing you to work in a familiar environment. This gives you the ability to use Excel's features to examine data, annotate graphs and reports, and to easily play what-if scenarios, all without having to to learn a new tool.

Being Excel based, there are no expensive servers or databases to install or maintain.

Focused Filtering

EVEngine Standard allows you to filter by Control Account, Order and Work Breakdown Structures and by Resource. This allows you to find and focus on those parts of your project that are underperforming.

EVEngine Project Control extends filtering and allows you to roll-up data and run reports by Stage/Phase, Area/Facility, and two custom fields, giving you a deeper understanding and control of your project.

Sophisticated Cost Management

EVEngine Project Control allows for sophisticated cost management, including the tracking of Committed/Uncommitted, Awarded/Unawarded, Contracts and Purchase Orders. It also allows you to track Variations and Management Reserve.

EVEngine Project Control's Certificates of Claim and Payment calculates the amount a contractor or supplier is due for payment based on the Earned Value assessed completed work.

Meet the EVEngine Family

EVEngine comes in different versions to suit your organisation's project performance analysis and reporting requirements.