EVEngine Consulting Services

                                           Supertech Project Management provide a wide variety of EVEngine based services.

We provide coaching and support to organizations wanting to establish a Project Controls Office. We assist with the establishment and implementation of a reporting framework including planning guidelines, and templates to facilitate Earned Value Performance Measurement reporting. We provide the EVEngine software and training to rapidly transition to Earned Value based performance reporting. We provide mentoring and coaching during the Earned Value systems start-up period, with ongoing support to maintain system integrity and initiate process improvements.

Establish a Project Controls Office

Using EVEngine Project Controls, together with schedule and cost data provided by your project staff, our consultants can confidentially process your data and prepare Earned Value based performance graphs and reports to your requirements.

Report Creation

We undertake comprehensive reviews of individual projects and independently report on their progress status focusing on schedule/program and budget performance.

Project Audits

We can assist or undertake the preparation and evaluation of business disruption, extension of time and cost variation claims. Using EVEngine, we model and assess the impact of external and internal project changed conditions then test the veracity of any claims.

Forensic Claims Analysis and Preparation

Using EVEngine Project Control, we can build financial models for investment analysis of capital intensive projects. Using discounted cash flows, we then determine the Return Period and Internal Rate of Return.

Financial Modelling

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