Yearly Subscription License in Australian Dollars excluding GST.

  • EVEngine Standard First Year Subscription $100, Subsequent Year Subscription $100.  
  • EVEngine Project Control First Year Subscription $1,000, Subsequent Year Subscription $1,000.

*Note International customers are exempt from paying Australian (GST) Goods and Services Tax.

  • All products ship with a comprehensive Features and User Guide and Practice Examples Guide covering all the product features.
  • Purchase Subscribers have also access to a series of Online Training Modules covering core functionality such as Data Sources, Tracking and Progress Reporting.
  • Subscribers can also tune-in on selected Subject Matter Seminars delivered using GoTo Seminars. Contact us for more information.
  • Subscribers can arrange personalized training and consulting on selected topics. Contact us for more information.
  • Additional Support can be purchased in one hour blocks at $100 per block (Australian dollars, excluding GST). Contact us for more information.

Purchasing EVEngine

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