EVEngine Project Control

EVEngine Project Control is a heavy duty feature rich professional cost and project management control system developed for the Project Controls Specialist, Cost Engineer and Project Manager engaged in tracking and reporting project performance in an Engineering, Procurement, Contract and Construction Management (EPC & EPCM) environment. Project Control features builds on those available to EVEngine Standard.


Integrates with your planning software

Integrates with your planning software including Microsoft Project 2003-2010 .mpp files, Microsoft Project 2002-2018 .xml files, and Primavera P6 and Asta Power Project .xer and .xml files. EVEngine can also import data from .csv and Excel files.

Accommodates the holding schedule and units of cost, work and material usage within planning software or alternately hold and maintain all units of cost, work and material usage within EVEngine and periodically refresh with schedule data.

Microsoft Excel Based

EVEngine is a Microsoft Excel based application that allows you to work in a familiar environment with the abilities to use Excel's features to examine and annotate EVEngine generated graphs and reports.

EVEngine allows you to easily change input data to play what-if scenarios, all without needing to learn a new tool.

Being Excel based means that there are no expensive server or databases to install or maintain.


In addition to those reports available in EVEngine Standard, EVEngine Project Control adds a range of features and reports that cover:

Time Displacement Analyser

The Time Displacement Analyser allows you to view simultaneously a selected combination of unit of cost, work and material usage percentage or quantity based metrics to examine trade based congestion. The graphs are also known as line of balance.

Productivity Reports

Depending on the availability of data productivity reports allows you to view, for selected commodities, their productivity based on cost per unit of work or material usage or units of work per material unit and comparing the resulting values to industry published constants (Rates).

Combined Histogram

The combined histogram displays overlapping histograms for selected metrics for units of cost, work and material usage.

Project Estimates Graph

Project Estimates graph allows you to view a range of calculated Independent Estimates at Completion (Predictors) for units of cost, work and material usage .The graphs are used to visualize predicted estimate trend range to completion for units of cost, work and material usage based on past performance actuals and forecast remaining scope of work (Metrics), including past, current and expected performance indices (Indicators). The at completion estimate is expected to fall within this range.

Integrated Graph and Schedule Reports

Integrated Graph and Schedule Reports provide a quick tabular and Gantt chart view of your project's performance against that planned and organized by any of the selectable and expanded task and work package code fields.

Schedule Analysis Reports and Graphs

The Schedule Analysis Reports and Graphs allows you to view and analyse aspects of the schedule performance with respect to the level of float, active task density, track report period based forecast selected scope of work pack completion dates, table schedule variance including estimated finishing dates for tasks and the projects based on performance indicators.

DoD/Government Agency Cost Performance Reports (CPR)

These reports allow you to satisfy the DoD/Government Agency reporting requirements for tracking planning and work packages by cost and units of work including Baseline Planning changes between report periods. The reports cover CPR and Format 1 to 5.

Cost Management Report

The Cost Management Report allows you to support capital and labour intensive EPC & EPCM projects by providing real time cost tracking and forecasting using a combination of selected Earned Value based metrics, indicators and predictors. The report data can also be grouped and summarized by up to four nested levels of task based code characteristics to focus on specific performance parameters to then make informed progress assessment and take corrective action as necessary.

Metrics Report

The Metrics Report shows the selected metric intersection value for the horizontal and vertical axis code field selection. The report can be used for example to assess cost commitments made to contractors and suppliers across a multi-stage development to determine the risk of overallocation.

Management Reserve Report and Graph

The Management Reserve Report allows you to define the time phased contingency funds available to your project then track the drawdown over time based on Approved Variations and the cost to completion to then either top up or reduce the Management Reserve.

Variations Report

The variations report allows you to systematically track and report on both the approved and non-approved variations to the project. The calculated time phased values are used as a drawdown on Management Reserve.

Commitment Report and Graph

The Commitment Reports and Graphs allows you track the amount of funds that needs to be progressively allocated to the project before making a contract purchase order award to sustain the project through to completion. The data so generated is used by the finance department, project financiers and bank for funding purposes.


The Escalation Report and Graphs models and tracks the historical and expected statistical movement for a basket of up to seven (7) weighted commodities per control account.

Other Reports

Other reports include Historical Data - the Metrics by Control Account captured by Report Period, Actual Data - Data Imported from a Job Cost Accounting system substituting schedule based actual data and the Raw Filtered Data report representing the raw data on which selected graphs and reports are based.

Actual Data

EVEngine Premium allows you to import actual data from Job Cost Accounting system or Time-sheeting system for Units of Cost, Work and Material usage. This data can then substitute that calculated by using the schedule.

Historical Data

The capture of the Historical Data by report period and by Control Account, allows you to retain within reports and graphs the past report period metrics, indicators and predictors. These can change over time as the Budget, Estimate At Completion and Sell Price/Revenue are adjusted by approved budget variations, units of cost, work and material usage for completed and remaining work to completion.

Filtering and Data Roll-up

EVEngine Premium expands on basic filtering features by including Stage/Phase, Area/Facility and Two Custom code fields. The expanded fields allows you to gain a deeper understanding to where to where potential problems exist for you to take timely and corrective action. The Data Roll-up feature allows you to roll-up data by code based your selection of character string and position.

WBS Hierarchy Tools

The tools allows you to flatten the hierarchy leaving only those tasks with assigned units of cost, work and material usage. The hierarchy can be rebuilt to a new and specified WBS structure. The tools are used where the estimating WBS may want to be reconfigured to a CWBS for contract management purposes.

Cash Position

This feature allows you to model the commercial cash flow based on the negotiated payment conditions by Control Accounts for Contracts and Purchase Orders. The real cash position allows you to really understand the funding level required to sustain your project to completion, when and the amount of profit to take without going into negative cash flow.

Project Controls Sheet

The Project Controls Sheet allows you to interactively task by task update actual and forecast remaining units of cost, work and material usage to completion. The Earned Value is then calculated and based on the measured or assessed Physical Completion. Using the Project Control sheet integrates Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveyor practice for tracking both fixed cost or schedule of rates tasks. The Earned Value calculated from the Project Controls Sheet can then be used as part of the Certificates of Payment/Claim process.

Certificates of Payment/Claim

Certificates of Payment/Claim allow you to calculate the value of payment due to a contractor or supplier for the work completed based on the difference in Earned Value between the previous and current Report Period. This feature significantly improves contract administration time and costs as progress and payments are based the task Earned Value % Complete.

Investment Analysis

This feature allows you to model your project life cycle with respect to capital expenditure, project sustaining capital, cost of business operation and income for services provided to Standard Investment Analysis Accounting practices. The feature established the project Capital Return Period, and using discounted cash flow determine the before tax Internal Rate of return. You can use the process to help you rank a portfolio of projects for the best return on the investment.


You can request a trial of EVEngine Project Control for $300 (Australian dollars, excluding GST). The cost covers training and support during the trial including the review your selected trial project schedule, sources of cost, work and material usage data for their suitability for Earned Value treatment.

One EVEngine Project Control subscription licence costs $3,000 (Australian dollars, excluding GST), which grants the User 1 year's use of the product. Subsequent years are subject to $1,000 (Australian dollars, excluding GST) subscription renewal. This purchase includes access to published training material, free updates for the life of the subscription licence. Order EVEngine Project Control.

Additional Support can be purchased in one hour blocks at $200 per block (Australian dollars, excluding GST).

Purchases made from Outside of Australia are not subject to Australian Tax (GST).

Feature Comparison

You can compare the features of all two versions of EVEngine.

More Information

More information about EVEngine Project Control is available in the EVEngine Project Control Features Overview or by contacting us